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We have been helping online stores expand abroad since 2014. Our success in this field has been based of the experience and knowhow we have acquired since 2006 in the field of language services, trade and online marketing. During this time, we have provided our services to thousands of domestic and foreign clients. Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to satisfy your needs as well and make the expansion of your online shop a success.

We take pride in our expertise, fast and professional communication, flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile. We achieve this through our vast network of native speakers throughout Central and Eastern Europe. It is thanks to them and the use of modern IT solutions for customer support that we can provide the highest quality and level of services.

It is clear to us from the start that the success of your online shop abroad depends on the results of our work. It is with this sense of personal responsibility that we approach each order. You can rely on us!

Personal responsibility

Can you guess what the abbreviation NK stands for in Czech? How about the initials of the founders of the company? Neužil and Kadidlo? Spot on! We are the owners of the company. We guarantee the quality of our services and a professional approach under our very own names. By doing so, we want to make it clear that we stand behind our work. If you need to contact us, you now know who to ask for. Neužil and Kadidlo. We are here for you!

Since 2014, we have been helping Czech online shops expand into new foreign markets. We have done so based of the experience and knowhow we have acquired since 2006 in the field of language services, trade and online marketing. We can't imagine ever doing anything else. We employ dozens of people in the Czech Republic and many others all over Europe. All members of the NK Expand team are professionals who will do everything in their power to satisfy your needs through the results of their work.

And just to press this point, they make sure that the services we provide are incredibly comprehensive, extremely excellent and totally consistent. We hope that’s clear. Experience it firsthand.

Why NK Expand?

  • We are confident about the work we do. We continuously learn new things.
  • We treat ourselves and our clients fairly. We have nothing to hide. You can trust us.
  • We know that our services must benefit you and meet your business goals.

NK Langa – our sister company

Our sister company NK Langa specializes in professional translation and interpreting services. If you need to translate and localize your website and/or online store into a foreign language, the SEO translation will be done by our specialists at NK Langa.

NK Expand | Pomáháme expandovat do zahraničí

Jiří Neužil

I studied management and economics at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. I have been working in the fields of business, marketing and the strategic management of companies since 1998. Over the years, I have gained experience in the Czech Republic and abroad. I have been selfemployed and worked as a sales representative, au pair, castellan, tourist guide, operations director, CSO, CMO and CEO. In 2019, I cofounded NK Expand. I am currently responsible for the company’s strategic management, marketing and development. In addition, I work as a business consultant in the areas of business strategy, sales skills and the strategic marketing of companies.

I spend my free time with my family and my two sons. I would describe myself as a passionate biker, gardener and doityourselfer, as well as an avid consumer of sushi and a loving father.

My longterm professional goal is to make NK Langa and NK Expand completely independent companies, in which employees can find longterm satisfaction and make use of opportunities to educate themselves and to grow and develop personally.

NK Expand | Pomáháme expandovat do zahraničí

Lukáš Kadidlo

In 2014, I successfully completed my studies at the Faculty of Business and Economics at Mendel University in Brno. My first experience of work was in Germany and the United States, where I learned to speak German and English at a professional level. In 2008, I cofounded the translation company NK Langa, and in 2019, also as a cofounder, established NK Expand. In addition to the strategic management of both companies, I am actively involved in their daytoday operations, including negotiations with customers and the coordination of individual projects. I work to support our team of internal and external colleagues on the basis of my international experience, business and procustomer approach and my organisational skills.

In my free time, I like to do sport, attend cultural events and educate myself. I am also an active traveler. Seeing new places and meeting new people helps me keep up to date on current events. I repeatedly visit Asian countries, and during my stays, I enthusiastically delve deeper into their cultures and diversity.

My longterm professional goal is to make NK Langa and NK Expand internationally recognized players in the fields they provide services in.

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Partneři NK Expand - pomoc s expanzí e-shopu do zahraničí
Partneři NK Expand - pomoc s expanzí e-shopu do zahraničí


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NK Expand | We help online stores expand abroad

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NK Expand | We help online stores expand abroad

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