For our websites, „cookies“ are used. The cookies files are exclusively used for technical purposes and for purposes of advertising systems. In no case may such files be used for identifying any particular visitor.

A cookie is a short text file sent by the visited website to the browser. Cookies allow the web to record information about your visit, for example a preferred language and other settings. We prevailingly use ´session cookies´ (temporary cookies). They are designed to maintain the information when going from one webpage to another; thus, they eliminate the need of having some already filled data entered repeatedly. Session cookies are deleted immediately after your visit to our website is finished.

Persistent cookies help identify your computer when you repeatedly visit any website (however, they do not allow you to be identified as a person). Thanks to this identification, it is possible to customize the displaying of webpages so as they were defined by you in the past.

Cookies are in no way harmful to your equipment or software. Their user can customize or limit the option of the use of cookies on your browser.

In order to better understand visitors to our website, we also use the Google Analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to analyse the manner of the utilization of our website Information about the utilization of websites to be generated by a cookie file will be transferred by Google, Inc. and stored on Google, Inc. servers. All data collected in this way will be processed anonymously. The data is exclusively designated for evaluating the utilization of our website. Anonymity will be ensured, as Google, Inc. will not link your IP address to any other data that is available to Google, Inc. No other personal data such as email address, name, or telephone number will be sent to Google, Inc. 6. In addition, files of other entities, particularly of operators of advertising systems may be stored in your browser within remarketing. The purpose thereof is to display a more relevant advertising message.

By using the website the user agrees with the saving of cookies.

You may refuse the use of cookies to prevent the collection of any data on you. For this purpose, select the respective option in the settings of your browser. For information about the settings of any particular browser, please refer to:

More details can be found here

Other information about the processing and using of cookies is given in the document „Principles of Personal Data Processing