We are helping online shop selling home fragrances to successfully expand throughout Europe

As a product, home fragrances were almost unknown a few years ago. They are now experiencing a real boom. Thanks to the company Aria Pura, people can buy home diffusers, catalytic lamps or car fragrances not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in Germany and Hungary.

Once sales and logistics on the domestic market stabilise, you logically start looking for opportunities to expand elsewhere. After gaining experience through their expansion to Hungary, the company decided to expand their business to the attractive, but difficult, German market. They sell products there through their www.aromapunkt.de online shop.


Germany is a very attractive opportunity for many expanding online sellers. Prices in local online shops are usually higher, so the Germans have often learned to shop through cheaper foreign sellers. In addition, Czech online shops have a good reputation with German customers.

Aria Pura also opted for the German market because they sell more luxurious products, which are of greater interest in Western markets. Targeting the German market is highly recommended for those online shops with a similar range of products.

Germans are demanding customers when shopping online. They expect top customer service and fast order processing and delivery. All communication with them must be conducted in German. They expect excellent German at native speaker level. This not only applies to texts on the web and in the online store, but also to social media and customer support, which should be available on a German telephone number.


Preparatory work

The start of the process required a thorough keyword analysis. We used the following sources to identify them:

  • Aria Pura website in Czech
  • competing websites in Czech
  • competing websites in German

After identifying the keywords, it was necessary to verify their searchability using the Google AdWords tool and, at the same time, to check suitable synonyms or, conversely, possible negative connotations. The output from a correctly performed keyword analysis is a list of words in German with an overall search for individual queries and an overview of the search in the main categories/subcategories


  1. Preparation of texts for translation (export from CMS to .csv format)
  2. Translation of texts by a native German speaker specialised in marketing translations. When translating, we use the Memsource CAT tool to take into account the partial similarity of the texts, which is quite common in online shops. As a result, the unit price per standard page decreased from CZK 360 to only CZK 98 (excl. VAT)
  3. The translation process also included the sensitive implementation of keywords so that the texts sound natural to German visitors, as well as work well in organic searches on the Internet
  4. Metadata translation (alternative labels, page titles, descriptions etc.)
  5. Translation of Business Terms and Conditions, Principles of Processing Personal Data, Complaints Procedure, forms for subscribing to/unsubscribing from the newsletter and other legal documents
  6. Localization of translated texts (adaption of the text to the German cultural environment)


German legislation requires each online seller to provide the following documents:

  • AGB: general terms and conditions
  • Impressum: company details
  • Datenschutzerklärung: privacy policy statement
  • Widerrufsbelehrung: form for withdrawing from a contract

We provided all these documents as part of our legal assistance to expanding online shops. To create the required documents, it was necessary to combine the legal requirements with the specific processes of our client, such as delivery options, the complaints process, GDPR, invoicing, etc.

Process of legal assistance:

  1. We sent our client questionnaires in Czech regarding their specific processes, delivery options, complaints procedure and returns policy. Our native speakers of German were available in case of need.
  2. Based on the responses, we put together the required documents in German. We paid extra attention to make sure these documents were in compliance with current German law.
  3. The created documents were subsequently translated back into Czech so that the client had an idea of the exact content of the documents and the obligations arising from them.
  4. After receiving approval of the content from the client, the documents were posted on the German website.


For effective work with Facebook, we provide ongoing translations of posts for the client. These are translations of texts intended for raising brand awareness, supporting sales, informing customers about new products, etc. All content is translated by the same linguists as the web and online shop to ensure the terminological and stylistic consistency of the translated texts. The finished website www.aromapunkt.de and the Facebook profile therefore have an authentic, intelligible and attractive effect on visitors.

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