SEO translation and localization of website and online store

The expansion of an online store abroad usually entails considerable costs. A substantial part of these costs relate to SEO translation and website localization in order to make sure that visitors to the website in the given country feel that it reads naturally in their own language. Of equal importance is how easily the website can be found on the internet ‑ so that potential customers can visit the online shop and make their purchases.

High‑quality SEO translation by native speakers

Our SEO translations of websites are always done by a native speaker and will bring new customers to your online shop. It goes without saying that during the translation process, we appropriately insert keywords into the texts to improve the results of your online store in organic searches.

Advantages of SEO translations

Saves time and money

Incorporating keywords is the cheapest at the very beginning when creating the texts for your website (headings, descriptions, blog, etc.). If you start solving the SEO issue only after the translation of the website is finished, it will be necessary to pay an additional specialist to rewrite the texts and incorporate the keywords accordingly. This method is usually timeconsuming and costly and does not achieve as good results as keyword incorporation at the very beginning.

Yields organic traffic

The findability of your website and online shop will yield organic traffic. Organic search visitors are generally good for business because they come to your online store based on their own search, not on the back of adverts, and often make a purchase. This significantly increases your competitiveness.

Improved efficacy of PPC campaigns

The price of PPC advertising is not just affected by how much you are willing to pay for it. It is also affected by the quality of your website, which enters the ad ranking. If your website contains the keywords you are advertising, you will achieve better ad quality and your PPC advertising will be cheaper.

The process of SEO translation of online shop and website

1. Keyword analysis in a selected foreign language

Keyword analysis is the collection of information on user search queries for the online store products for which the analysis is being carried out. The analysis focuses on the main search queries for your business so that you can be found based on such queries in organic (nonpaid) searches.

Detailed keyword analysis helps when it comes to website translation, PPC campaign preparation, content strategy development, website architecture design, URL creation and/or site optimization. For a detailed description of how keyword analysis is done and how you can use it to expand your online shop abroad, go to the Keyword analysis in a foreign language page. We can prepare a foreign language keyword analysis from scratch or use an existing keyword analysis that requires further processing.

2. High‑quality SEO translation by native speakers and keyword implementation

Translated and localized websites and online stores are also always proofread by a native speaker of the target language. They not only ensure compliance with professional terminology, but also appropriately incorporate keywords into the translation so as to improve the results of the online store in organic searches (socalled translations with SEO support). We implement keywords using a glossary, which forms part of the CAT tools (especially Memsource and Trados) we utilize, the use of which is mandatory for our translators. In this way, you can be confident that the main keywords will get into all the headings, categories and product descriptions. By using CAT tools, we take into account the similarity of individual descriptions and product parameters in the price. This makes the translation cheaper and faster, as well as ensures the uniformity of the terminology and style used. We translate directly in the code, content management system or exported files. The subsequent implementation of the text back into the web environment is then easy, saving you additional costs and time.

3. Proofreading by a native speaker and final quality control

The native speaker has knowledge of the local culture and customs and therefore ensures that the feel of your website is natural to visitors of your online store. It is not only important to pay attention to the style of the translation, but also to other details, such as the format of numbers, dates, times, fields in forms and other online store elements. Our editors subsequently check the entire text once more to ensure that it is of good quality and meets your expectations. Detailed instructions on the translation and localization of online stores into a foreign language can be found on the FAQ page.

Online store ‑ translation or localization?

Translation and localization are often used interchangeably even though there is a considerable difference between the two terms. The result is online stores that are unable to reach and/or gain new customers abroad. You can find the difference between translation and localization on the FAQ page.



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